The first five Violence-Free Schools


The Shahid Mulazim Omer School in Kalar. The school was built in 2006 and its director is Yasin Ali. The school is visited by 772 children from the first to the ninth grade.

The Nawroz School in Kifri. The school was built in 1983 and currently has 322 students in eleven classes.

The Aso School in Rizgary. The school was built in 2010 by the Kurdish Ministry of Education. She has 807 students in grades 1 to 9.

The Hassera School in the village of Hassera. The school, originally built in clay in 1997, offers lessons for grades 1 to 6. In 2007, the school was rebuilt in concrete construction. Number of students: 44

The Chalarash school in the village Chalarash. Originally built of clay in 1977, it was destroyed by the Baath regime in 1987 and reopened in 1997 in concrete construction. For 10 years the village had no school. The schools currently has 67 students.