Social and Legal awareness seminars in Prisons

Since the mid-nineties Wadi has helped to improve the situation of prisoners in Iraqi-Kurdistan. We have supported workshops, libraries and even a self made prison newspaper.

Now Wadi is restarting some of these activities. Since March we are offering seminars and legal workshops in the directorate of women and children rehabilitation prison.

prison 1

The seminars are of social and legal awareness, regarding the law no.8 of combating domestic violence and the law of personal status the topics of torture, disrespectful treatments and power play, along with suggestion on non-violent communications and peaceful coexistence and proper treatment with the prisoners.

In each seminar many activities are carried out mostly practical to energize and create a positive feeling for the participants.

42 female prisoners, 27 guards, 15 social workers and administration staff (total 84)  have benefited from these seminars to further improve their behaviors and conditions in the prisons.

In many occasions, the women express their concerns to reenter society after finishing their sentences, and often through our social worker, they receive social counseling on how to cope with these changes and challenges.

eu  Sponsored by the European Commission

These seminars are part of the EU-funded program “Access to Justice for Vulnerable Groups in Northern Iraq”, Wadi is implementing in co-operation with Wola and the Jiyan Foundation.