Reforestation in Iraqi Kurdistan

Garmyans’ environment is in terrible shape due to human influence. The area is extremely polluted, there are few -to no- proper disposal systems for garbage. Trash can be found everywhere and recycling is non-existant. There is little awareness of the negative impacts of trash and pollution on human health, and absolutely no awareness about the negative effects on the environment as a whole.

The region, already famous for its hot weather in Iraqi Kurdistan, is also suffering from a water shortage, as well as the larger reaching effects of global climate change.  Specifically during the Anfal campaign in the 1980s a shortage of fuel resulted in systemic desertification of the wooded areas. The desertification is a huge issue with negative repercussions felt greatly today.

Wadi  in cooperation with the local Department of Reforestation  is engaging in several ways to improve this situation.

Wadi committed to ‘Green’ many villages in the Garmyan area by planting 1200 trees between September 19-22, 2017.

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Layla Ahmad, Wadi Garmyan team member, “we chose these villages for this project  because the villagers here are in a bad economic condition thus they cannot afford to green and plant trees in their homes or communities.”

This project has received an overwhelmingly positive response in the communities, as well as being covered extensively by local media. As part of this project Wadi is raising awareness of environmental issues, and on the importance of increasing green spaces and protecting resources. Raising awareness for children on the environment and not littering are topics covered in Wadi’s Non Violence Campaign and our Playbus Project.

Zhino Khalil, Wadi Garmyan team member, “villagers of all ages: elderly, youth and children happily participate in the activities of greening their villages.”


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