Displaced children play after war

From Layla Ahmed, Kirkuk Now,  25.12.2017

Amer’s family fled Tuz Khormatu on October 16 when the Iraqi security forces wrestled the control of the area from the Kurdish peshmerga forces. The family became displaced and for the last two months, they have stayed in a camp in Dwanza Imam village.

“I left all my toys in Tuz Khormatu but today I laughed a lot,” Amer, 12 told Kirkunow on Saturday 16 of December when a German-Iraqi NGO provided the displaced children with toys to play with. Amer laughed through the event in which plays were performed. He was boisterous and playful and participated in all the games organised by Wadi NGO.

“The night we left Tuz Khormatu, I was frightened and we did not bring anything with us, so when they told me there is an animal play, I did not believe it,” Amer said. “I had seen that only on TV.”


Wadi organisation has introduced Play Bus, which contains toys and travels to areas where there are displaced people from Islamic State war or the recent unrest in the disputed areas.

“When our teams go to a village, we gather all the children be it Arabs, Kurds or Turkmen and we provide them with a few hours of play time,” Abdullah Sabir the coordinator of Wadi told Kirkuknow.

The play was organised by the Cultural Museum of Kifri and children are taught how to make friends.

Roqiya Mohammad 11 left Ozaim subdistrict with her family three and a half years ago. “I love animals and this play made me happy and this was the first time I attended a play with my friends,” Roqiya told Kirkuknow.

After the play, Wadi distributes hygiene products to the children such as toothpaste and toothbrush. That day the displaced children ended their time with a smile on their face.