Petition: Women’s Rights in Iraqi Kurdistan Now!

Wadi is working in cooperation with  different Kurdish and Iraqi Civil Society and Women’s Rights Organisations to petition that the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq starts to seriously fully implement its own Law No.8 to Combat Domestic Violence. The aim of the campaign is to collect thousands of signatures and present them to the government on International Women’s Day, March 8th 2019.

The petition asks that the government takes its own laws seriously. Law No.8  was a historic step in combatting all forms of violence against women and children, but it must be properly implemented for real change to take place.


Specifically that:


• Shelters for victims of domestic violence are opened in every city in Kurdistan
• The law be promoted and explained, especially to police, members of the judiciary, doctors, and anyone else dealing with the public and family matters
• Shelters be run as the safe spaces they were intended to be, so many are currently run like prisons, breaking the trust between women and the community that is supposed to be helping them

We welcome the Kurdish Regional Government’s recent statements on ending Female Genital Mutiliation (FGM) in five years and we only ask that they work with NGOs, local authorities, activists and media to take concrete steps for that to happen.

We only want the government to respect and implement the law they passed guaranteeing that “The victim of domestic violence shall have guarantees to protect him/her from violence” [ Article 2, no.2] and as is made clear in Article 3, no.2 “the ministry of Labor and social affairs must provide shelter to the victims of domestic violence”.

Take a moment to sign our petition, have your voice heard, let us work together for a better future where violence against women and children is taken seriously and prosecuted within the existing framework of the law.