Wadi helps to set up Corona Information Service

The Corona Virus is currently spreading in the Middle East. Also Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan are affected. The these time reliable information given by trustworthy professionals is extremely important.

Therefore Kirkuk Now, Radio Dangue New in Halabja, Randi Dang in Kalar and Wadi announce the setup of a joint Corona Information Service (CIS).

These goals can only be achieved in close co-operation with authorities and other involved organizations, namely the KRG Ministry of Health as well as the health directorates, with whom we plan a close co-ordination of our efforts.

To prevent the virus and raise the awareness among people, we and the people need health experts thus, part of our mission will be to connect them to the public.

It is also of crucial importance to combat rumors and fake news in order to avoid panic. We believe in the important role independent media with close connection to the people has to play in such critical times.