‘Citizen to Citizen Corona Campaign’

We just started a new campaign called “Citizen to Citizen Corona Campaign” as a Wadi initiative to encourage people on social distancing and awareness on prevention in regards to Coronavirus.

Below is our full statement, which is distributed on flyers in Kurdish and Arabic:

Wadi’s new ‘Citizen to Citizen Corona Campaign’ under the hashtag #beresponsible promotes the message of unity and individual responsibility, where community members encourage each other to wear masks in public and practice social distancing.

‘Everyone has a responsibility in fighting this virus. Do we hurt each other or help each other? Our fate is purely on us, on the people – not on the government or other external forces on which we cannot rely’

Seven months into the global COVID-19 pandemic it is time to adapt to the ‘new normal’. The number of cases is increasing and decreasing regionally and many people are not always taking preventative measures seriously. Especially social distancing. Wadi believes social distancing is one of the most essential tools in minimising the ability for the virus to spread. Currently, wearing a face mask is not mandatory in Northern Iraq. We have to seriously consider the effect of our actions because our entire future depends on them.

The ‘4Cs’ campaign asks you all to play your part in facing this pandemic. All of us have to understand that our role is not small, even though the actions we are taking, like wearing masks and social distancing seem small and insignificant.

We understand the difficulty of social distancing, given our society and strong social relations , however now it is the time for everyone to play their part and #beresponsible to start and encourage social distancing. Not only at home, but at shops, on public transportation, and closed areas wherever and whenever needed.

Unfortunately we have seen many examples where people who acted responsibly, took the virus as a serious threat, and followed safety measures such as mask wearing were harshly mocked. This campaign wants to address this mocking and peer pressure that people who follow preventive measures receive. The virus is real, serious, and the simple steps of hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing are incredibly effective at minimising the risk of infection.

You may think one action is not important or say “I won’t be infected”, but it is simply not true! This campaign asks and encourages all of you to start consistently practicing social distancing and spread the message even further.

In this campaign, we are actively advocating for all measures of prevention and instructions of ministry of health to be taken seriously all through:

● Social media campaigning
● Distributing posters, and publications to be displayed in public areas and spaces
● Working with local super markets, transportation to start social distancing ques and systems
● Working with local hospitals
● Distribute masks and sanitizers and verbal information via small scale seminars with very limited number of people abiding all instructions and social distancing

We need to follow these directions not because any health ministry is recommending them but because they are proven ways to fight the virus. We do it for each other, we do it for ourselves we do it to be kind to be responsible for our families our community

We can all be connected with our hearts and minds but let us all work together to overcome this pandemic to wear our masks, respect and perform social distancing.

The only thing we can all do now is to be responsible and play our parts.