Ukraine Crisis: Helping the Helpers

help helpers
So far we have not launched an appeal for donations for Ukraine, simply because there are too many of them and we know from many years of experience how wars and humanitarian catastrophes are unfortunately all too often misused to fill the accounts of dubious organizations whose presence on the ground Unfortunately, it often creates bigger problems than helps to solve them.
So why should we now, at a time when the willingness to donate is so high, call for help for regions in which we have never been active?
On the other hand, what we have been doing successfully for years is passing on our knowledge to local organizations and helping them to set up structures that can withstand greater stress.
In the past decades, Wadi employees have supported many local organizations, many of them are still our partners today, whether in Iraq, Greece or Turkey.
At the beginning of the week we received an inquiry from Poland asking whether we could help some local organizations there. Of course, we agreed immediately and one of us will fly there at the weekend, also to help these partners identify those black sheep who are unfortunately always drawn to such humanitarian catastrophes.
It doesn’t cost much, just room and board, which we naturally don’t want to burden our Polish partners with, but we’re reluctant to cover with donations intended for our work in Greece and Iraq.
Therefore we kindly ask you to help, if possible, to help cover these rather small sums.
Thanks very much