Emergency Relief – Fire in Yazidi Refugee Camp

A fast moving fire has destroyed over 400 tents in Sharia camp in Dohuk, Iraq. Currently 995 Yazidi refugees have lost everything, and are directly affected by this disaster.

Survivors of the genocide by the Islamic State were struck by a new tragedy last week: a devastating fire raged in the Sharia camp.

Our teams visited the families affected by the devastating fire in the Sharia camp for Yazidi refugees where more than four hundred tents burned down, and the residents lost what little they still had.
Wadi and our partner organisation Jinda worked directly with the survivors of the fire to determine what is most urgently needed for those affected and coordinated with the camp management.

We have already raised €2000 in emergency funding for “Dignity Packs” which include personal hygiene items and underwear and other essential personal items, for the women and girls living in the refugee camp, these packs have already been distributed to the survivors. These women and girls many of whom were kidnapped by the Islamic State in 2014 have already survived extreme hardship and violence, and are already dealing with terrible trauma.

Our next step is to equip each of them with a “Kitchen pack” that would include the basics such as: cups, plates, forks and knives, tea pots, essential cooking pots/pans. Each pack costs $100 and would allow a family a fresh start and the ability to care and feed themselves. All organisations assisting in the camp, have met and coordinated tasks and responsibilities so that there is no redundancy.

We promised quick help and therefore urgently ask for your supportive donation.

Since 2014, Wadi has supported a large number of projects in Iraq supporting Yazidi girls and women who have been kidnapped by the Islamic State.