Some Congratulation on Wadi’s 30s Anniversary

Over the past thirty years, Wadi has cooperated with a large number of international and local partner organizations. Here are a few of the birthday greetings we have received so far.

30 years Wadi

‘Dear WADI colleagues, Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! The cooperation between our two associations has been taking almost as long too: We, the ecumenical worldwide women’s movement and you, the union of committed citizens who want to counteract the need in the Kurdish regions. We immediately found ourselves in the common commitment against gender-specific violence, for the implementation of women’s rights and a democratic civil society that supports those who suffer most from unjust structures.

We especially like how you always have the special situation of women and girls in view and that the involvement of women in your work and in the teams on site is completely natural. Since then, we have supported many initiatives and projects under your coordination: from women’s shelter to information meetings about female genital mutilation. We want to maintain that, because our common goals in the region are unfortunately still a long way from being achieved. We wish you a lot of energy, courage and perseverance for the next decade and will continue to support you to the best of our ability – financially and in spirit!’


All the best and best regards

Dr. Irene Tokarski Manager

‘Free Press Unlimited is very thankful for the fruitful collaboration with WADI over the past 5 years and congratulate the whole team in Iraq for this 30th anniversary. WADI has been a key partner in creating an enabling environment for the independent media partner KirkukNow to grow towards its fullest potential and becoming a benchmark for the Iraqi media sector in their reporting on minorities, women and other marginalized groups in the disputed territories of Iraq.’

Boris Westering

‘Iraqi Kurds have lived through countless ups and downs in the past 30 years but WADI has encouraged a steady stream of Kurds of both sexes to learn the the joys and tears of participating in civil society.


Jon Randal (Former Correspondent of the Washington Post and author of several books about Kurdistan)

And a video sent tu us by our partners from Kirkuk Now: