Self-Presentation of our Partner Kirkuk Now

Self-Presentation of our partner Kirkuk Now Kirkuk Now:


KirkukNow is an electronic news website which is interested in publishing stories and events happening within the “disputed territories” as defined by the constitution in Iraq, or relevant to these geographical areas in order to promote peaceful coexistence and facilitate access to information.

In April 2011, was launched as an online news agency, the only independent media outlet that covered developments throughout the Kirkuk province, Iraq, and/or developments relevant to the Kirkuk population in the three main languages of the province, Arabic, Kurdish and Turkmen as well as in English.

The goal of the website was to publish news for all the people in Kirkuk and for everyone who is interested in unbiased news and information about Kirkuk province and since it is “disputed area” between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and it is home for Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Chaldean Assyrians, Sunni, Shia, Christians and other minorities. Any event in Kirkuk as a “disputed area” will both positively or negatively affect the rest of the country, so an independent, unbiased media will asset the process of nation building, stability and coexistence among the different ethnic groups of Kirkuk.

To realise the vision of KirkukNow, in late 2016, we created a long-term strategy of utilizing media as a tool to achieve peace and coexistence and as a result we have decided to expand the coverage of the website to include all the “disputed areas” in the country.

Our mission

To provide information and publish diverse points of view and opinions for the people of the “disputed territories” in a way that promotes peaceful coexistence in those areas.

Our vision

To be the most reliable media outlet in the “disputed territories” through providing information and analysis on the basis of fairness, balance, independence, impartiality and professional principles.

KirkukNow Objectives

  1. Endeavor to establish a new media model void of any political, ideological, religious, sectarian, ethnic, and racist agenda.
  1. Endeavor to ensure the freedom of access to information and analyze the events and developments from a professional point of views.
  1. Promote peaceful coexistence among the target audience of KirkukNow, through our media message.
  1. Observe the transparency and consolidate the pillars of media professionalism and ethical conducts for the press.
  1. Expand media coverage in the “disputed areas”.
  1. Endeavor to develop the role of online journalism in the “disputed areas”.
  1. KirkukNow serves as a platform for the underprivileged groups of the “disputed territories”, such as, women, refugees and IDPs, and people with special needs.