A ‘Thank You’ from our Ukrainian Partner ‘Martynka’

‘Martynka’ is a self-organized group of Ukrainian refugees that was founded in March 2022 in Krakow. Wadi has helped them in their initial stages and supported their important activties to assist Ukrainian women and prevent abuse and human trafficking.

Since March ‘Martynka’ has grown in size and importance, has set up a system to help Ukrainian women with abortion in Poland, is running a 7/24 helpline via Telegram and offers psychological and legal aid.

In an interview co-founder Nastia Podorożnia explains:

“Psychologists, designers and translators work for “Martynka”, mostly from Ukraine – refugees and those who live in Poland longer. Nastia searches through social media – you can apply.

Psychologists are the most necessary. This is what people writing to “Martynka” most often ask for. “They write people who have been abused, and those who, for example, are afraid to take to the streets after the attack. Some talk about the problems of their children who cry, moan, grind their teeth in their sleep. Someone else wants to talk about adapting to a new place. >>Summering, I suppressed all my emotions<< – wrote a person who found himself in a Western European country.”

.We are very please about a recent post they did on Instagram thanking us for our assistance:

Supporting ‘Martynka’ is part of our #SafeAid program launched in March 2022 with Polish and Ukrainian partners. We would especially like to thank the American Jewish Committee (AJC-Berlin) for their support.