Self organized education for refugees in Lesvos

Our partners in Lesvos, the Moria White Helmets, are the only refugee self organisation offering non-formal education for children and adults in Kara Tepe II Camp in Lesvos. This is what they wrote about these activities:


Education is key to the lives of children and adults alike. It provides a chance for a better tomorrow. Most of the organizations inside the camp gave up their educational programs and even if they still provide, they cater to children only.

We at Moria White Helmets are now the only self-organized organization inside the camp, providing adult and childrens non-formal education.

Providing education inside the camp is vital, because language classes inside the camp are easily accessible: no bus is needed, after one or two hours everyone is home again and you can easily bring your children with you.linkmwh

Our teachers work daily, even on the weekends, to provide quality education as well as a change of the boring routines inside the camp.

Our daily German classes are becoming bigger daily, with more and more people coming in, so that now there is a second beginners class with around 10 people and an advanced beginners class with around 20 people.

Even on the weekends our teachers will be found in the classroom, with one teacher focusing on education for the children (mathematics, farsi and english) on the weekends.

Although all teachers are volunteers we need your support to purchase stationary, notebooks and other material. Please consider helping us with a small donation.

– Lisa